Who We Are

Parallax Geomatics provides technology consultation with a specialisation in geospatial technology and analytics.

What We Do

Data Management

Spatial data management including traditional CRUD and advanced geospatial operations.

Systems Integration

Enrichment of existing projects through the integration of geospatial data.

Spatial Analytics

Spatial analytics and statistical techniques are applied to find patterns and trends in data.


Geodata-first application design puts space and place at the focal point of insights.

How We Do It


In situ and remote data aquisition through land survey and platform-based sensors including satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).


Data ingestion, storage, and analytical modelling with tight coupling to visualisation engine.


Distributed architecture allows for scalability to the cloud and beyond.


Open standards are exchanged with platform-specific applications that optimise client-side processing and rendering.

Recent Work

Urban Planning

Open Toronto

Project future skylines and understand how people interact with their environment.


Open Toronto

Plan and analyse zoning by-laws to maximise utility and minimise externalities.

Why Parallax?

Full-Stack Perspective

A mind for the whole stack eliminates development deadlocks and keeps configuration at the forefront.

Open Standards

Open standards are used whenever possible to promote interoperability between platforms.

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Phone: +1 (647) 243-6338